Your expert Partner in Customer Journey of Process Engineering and Conversational Automation.
Choosing GAP as a partner means trusting an expert in the design and execution of projects throughout the 5 phases of the customer journey, an expert that will intervene with projects which have been synthesized and executed in three types of solution: before sales (with different solutions pertaining to lead generation), during sales (with structured project of conversion), after sales (with customized customer care projects)
Why are we unique?
We are the best at project engineering and at executing relational projects.
We use instruments for service measurement.
Years-long competence center in many fields.
We manage complexities.
Why are we experts?

We master the knowledge

Because we execute operational processes through our production sites
We master technology and innovation

Because we have always had an ICT department and an internal R&D laboratory focusing on processes, with the goal of producing technologically advanced results for our clients.

We masters quality
Because, thanks to our scientific approach to work, we have learned to measure its results, via a rating system called ROAR®
We are privileged.

We are privileged because we have mastered processes from all points of view.

We are unique.
We are the only ones who create and realize customized and integrated solutions which are highly functional, efficient and industrial, thanks to the perfect synergy between technology and operational processes.

Company numbers.

Relationships a day
Process analysts


Years of experience


Production sites in Europe
Achievements in national-level innovation
Achievements in worldwide innovation